Wednesday, 7 July 2010

What A Day!

Well I've been back to hospital again today and it's been such a long day. Mum and I set off from home at 11.45am and we walked back into the house a 7.15pm!! It takes three buses to get to Bradford Royal Infirmary, so as you will guess we are a bit tired.

However when we got home I opened my post and there was a little something that just made the day so so much better :) Would you like to see????

This little beauty is what I'm making such a fuss about! It's a beautiful card made by and sent by the wonderfully talented Tina Cox. Tina is well know for her awesome parchment work and she is sometimes on Create and Craft, so all I say is look out for her shows.  However if you would like to get hold of any of her parchment patterns they are available from Christine Coleman and from a craft shop in Harrogate called Centagraph. The detail is stunning and I just love the little bird, he is sooo cute.


  1. What a beautiful card to receive, no wonder you were over the moon. Hope everything went well Kerry. Is it next Tuesday you have the op??

  2. Everything went well until we got to the getting blood part, you know what I'm like!! Yeah it's Tuesday, soon be here and then them blinking injections again. The card is beautiful, Tina is one talented lady.


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