Tuesday, 5 April 2011

How I colour clothes using Promarkers

Seen as I shared with you how I coloured skin and hair using Promarkers, I thought I would move onto how I colour clothes with them too. I've used the same image, "Dragonfly Tilda".

So here we go, I'm going to start with Tilda's pants first and the colours I've chosen to use are Powder Blue, Denim Blue and China Blue. I think these three colours together have a lovely denim look.

Start by doing a base layer with Powder Blue.

Now add Denim Blue where you think the shade will be. Don't worry if you only add a little bit at first as you can always add more later if needed.

Same as before add the China Blue on the area's where you want shade. As you can see I've just added a thin line of China Blue on top of the Denim Blue, so that there is still some Denim Blue showing.

Back to the lightest colour, the Powder Blue, blend all three colours together.

Onto Tilda's top now and I'm going to do this pink and grey. So on two of the stripes and her hat I've added a base layer of Pale Pink.

Add Cocktail Pink where you think the shaded area's should be, don't forget her hat!

And back to Pale Pink to blend the two together.

I don't want the grey to be too dark so I'm using Cool Grey 1 as the base layer.

I've added Cool Grey 2 where the shaded area's are.

Then blended the two together using Cool Grey 1.

Still using Cool Grey 1 I've added some shade to her socks and gone around the edge of the image.

Using a white gel pen, I prefer to use my Pergamano white gel pen, add some little highlights. As you can see I've added the gel pen down the sides of Tilda's top, pants and added some dots to her cheeks.

Then all I had to do was cut her out and I also added some glitter to her wings.

I hope you find this helpful and remember I am by no means a professional, this is my way of using Promarkers. Thanks for looking.


  1. lovely, thanks for the clear and simple example!

  2. This is great something I wanted to ask you Promarker or Copies. I have to order from the UK and want what is recomended. Lovies Pam Knowles xxx

  3. I have now found your blog... and will be following. It was lovely to meet you at the craft day that Janet organised, your tutorial with pro-markers was brilliant, easy to follow, and have already started to use the techniques... would really benefit from knowing more of your colour combinations..

  4. kerry your colouring as lovely & once again thanks for sharing xx

  5. Wonderful tut, thanks for sharing your creations with us mere mortals xx


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