Tuesday, 29 March 2011

How I colour skin and hair using Promarkers.

I have finally given in to requests to do a tutorial on how I colour with Promarkers. I was asked if I would do a video but there was no chance of me doing anything to do with YouTube. So I've done a little step by step for all of you that have asked, I hope you find it helpful but please remember I am by no means a professional, how I colour with Promarkers is my way and how I've learnt myself. Soooo here we go!!

The image I'm using is "Dragonfly Tilda" and for the skin I use Vanilla, Saffron and Pastel Pink.

Using Vanilla colour the whole skin area.

Now using Saffron, add shadow. As you can see from my photo, I've added Saffron around Tilda's face, under her chin and the bottom of her arms.
Little tip if when you use PM's and you find that you go over the edges, try not going right up to the edge and just dot the ink on. Also instead of working towards the inked edge try working away from it.

Onto the Cheeks. I like using Pastel Pink for Tilda's cheeks. They may look a little rosey at the moment but once you do the next step they will look fine.

And here is the final step. All you have to do is go over everything using Vanilla to blend all three colours together, I prefer using small circular movements. See how Tilda's cheeks have been toned down.

So now we'll move onto the next stage, colouring hair.
I was going to change to a different image beacause this one as you can see hasn't a lot of hair showing but decided just to stick with "Dragonfly Tilda" I'm sure we'll manage.

So for Tilda's hair I like to use Sandstone, Cinnamon and Cocoa.

Start by colouring the whole of the hair area by using Sandstone.

Now with the Cinnamon add shadow. here I've added shadow on the tips of her curls, where the hair strands are closer together, along the bottom of her fringe and where the hat is resting on her head, so that there's just a narrow but of Sandstone showing.

I've now added a little bit more shadow using Cocoa. Just dot Cocoa where you think her hair is going to look more dark due to the shadow. I don't think this photo really shows where I've added Cocoa up well enough but I've added it the tips of her curls and where her hat is resting.

Finally go back to Sandstone and blend all three colours together, this is what you should end up with.

So there you have it my first tutorial on Promarkers. Sue I hope you find this helpful and you'd better get the rest of those blooming colours now I've finally made a start on these for you!!
Please leave a comment and if you do use my tutorial please tell people where you got it from. I will be doing another tutorial, this time on how I colour clothes. Thanks for looking x


  1. This is fabulous kerry how brilliant to see it all in a step by step. you clever gal xx

  2. My mum will use this technique now thanks Kerry xxx

  3. The tutorial is fab you are so good love margaret xx

  4. Absolutely brilliant Kerry, I am now going to go back to my pro markers for a while. WHEN I have finished sorting out my craft room/office that is.

    Sue xxx

  5. Brilliant Kerry i didnt have sandstone so i used tan for now and it looks great.. thanks so much for taking the time to show us how to do it

    sue xx

  6. Anonymous is sue bland sorry having trouble leaving messages on blogs it wont accept my email addy xx

  7. thank you for the tutorial i will try it .... thank you

  8. well done kerry for taking your time showing us & its helped me alot,thanks Denise xx

  9. wow kerry thanks for the heads up on the tutorials you cards are amazing too xxx(Gill Christie)


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