Monday, 12 July 2010

Parchment Wing Step By Step,

Since I made the christening card using "Flying Tilda" people have been asking me how I made her wings, well I decided to try and do a step by step guide for all off you. It's really easy but the end result looks soooo effective, even if I do say so myself.
So here goes!!

I've used "Flying Tilda" but you could use any image that has wings. Using a white Stazon ink pad, stamp your image twice onto parchment paper, I used Pergamano Flex.

Remember to turn your images over, so that you work on the reverse side. With a tea light gently rub the back of the image, this helps your embossing tool to glide over the parchment paper.

Using an ball tool (I think mine is a 1.5mm), lightly emboss the wings until your happy with how they look. Remember there's no need to emboss all the image, you only need to do the wings.

I've marked both sets of wings, A and B. Set A is the top layer and Set B are the bottom set. Cut out the wings, where you have embossed will act as a cutting guide. Leave set B whole but on set A cut some of the wings off, what I did was look which part of the wings looked as though they were underneath and snipped them off.

We're almost there!! I stamped and coloured the image as normal, cut round Tilda cutting her wings off, aww poor Tilda!! On set A wings put some double sided tape and on set B a foam pad.

Stick set A on top of set B. Then attach the wings to Tilda.

There you go!! Tilda has new wings!

Hope you all find this helpful. Please feel free to use this idea but all I ask is you mention where you got it blog. Please leave a comment and let me know if you think this is helpful.


  1. Thank you very much !!!
    This will be my afternoon-project c",)

    Big hugs from a rainy Norway

  2. you clever lady will be looking for those stamps at the NEC in a few weeks xxx


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