Tuesday, 1 February 2011

I've got an award !!!!

Here it is, my lovely award!! This was given to me by Meesh, please go and have a nosey at her blog, her cards are simply stunning and sooo inspirational, she also has a fantastic Promarker tutorial on her blog which is worth checking out!! So Meesh I can't thank you enough for everything. Congratulations with everything that has come your way recently, I truely mean that. S!

So now I have to pick 3 or 5 people to give this award to, so here they are in no particular order.

Please don't forget to have a look at their blogs.

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  1. Cheers, Stinky! I don't think you can give it back to the person who gave you it, but I'm buzzing that you wanted to give me the award... even though I'm so mean and cruel to you ;)
    You deserve the award, chick, because you're simply ACE! :)

    Meesh. XX


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