Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Well I just don't know where to start with this post to tell you the truth, cos to say I'm a bit emotional at the moment would be a slight understatement lol. This I will start by showing you all why, show here is the reasons I'm a snivelling wreck....

I wasn't expecting this little beauty! Below is a closer look. Isn't it simply stunning!

Oh dear I'm off again!!

These were made for me by my good friend Meesh, please pop over to her blog so you can see more of her stunning work. I knew about the framed Mummu And Me but I knew nothing about the card. When Meesh showed me a photo of "My Special Nana" I cried my eyes out, I have never ever had anything given to me or made for me that has been soooo personal. I had made a comment on a card that Meesh had made using Mummu and Me many moons ago, I told her then that she had reduced me to tears because the image brought so many happy memories of my nana, we use to dance like that too. So for Meesh to remember this made the tears fall all the more, espescially when I noticed all the little extra details like the buttons and the wool, it was like Meesh knew my nana.

So Mr Postie delivered my parcel while I was out, mum sent me a text to tell me there was a parcel for me, well once I knew it was here I couldn't wait to get back home!! I only get home at around 2.45pm and I think you can guess what I did first lol. I had to be careful and promised Meesh that I would hold it at arms length so I didn't cover it in snot bubbles lol. I did very well and cried a little (honest), then I opened the card and then I read the lovely message inside!! Bet you can guess what I was like eh? I had to put the card down, just incase I ruined Meeshs' hard work with my tears.

Meesh and I have became friends through Facebook, I must admit I never thought I would use Facebook but a friend of mine said to try it and do you know I am so so glad that I did, I have met some extremely wonderful people on there. Meesh is one of those extra special friends, who's friendship I'll always cherish.

Many of you will knoiw that in Feb 2008 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I've had the surgery, treatments and 30th of March last year I had another mastectomy with immediate reconstruction using tissue expanders and it hasn't been successful at all. I've had to have the left expander removed and now the right expander is "buggered" there's no saline left in it, so I'm hoping that my plastic surgeon will remove it. When I'm on one of my "off" days, Meesh can always manage to make me giggle, I just love the nickname she has given me...STINKY!! Now it's starting to grow I am now STINKY WINKY WOO WOO!!! Meesh is one of those friends I can take to about anything and I know what ever we talk about, stay between us, she is a true friend and I'm so glad I started using Facebook because I would never have found such a wonderful friend.

Right I'm off now because I'm out of tissues. Thanks for looking and please pop over to Meesh's blog when you get chance xxx


  1. This is stunning x You are a very special lady kerry and we are all so pleased to have met you - Im not surprised at all that Meesh has taken you to her heart - how could she not when you are such a gorgeous person inside and out. hugs my friend xxx


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